Pickens Uses Literature To Fight The Heroes In Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Review & Recap

Percival uses literature against our heroes in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13. Pickens and the Riverdale heroes are now engaged in a never-ending combat. Pickens has played his game well, allowing him to capitalise on his victories over them. With that, he now understands Archie’s weakness. Furthermore, before anybody could remove him from the municipal council, he persuaded council members to elect him Mayor.

So our heroes’ problems have just gotten worse. Percival intends to use their belongings to break them down as they struggle to figure out his objectives and next move. How? Let’s see what happened in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 as the heroes confront their terrible past, which Pickens has brought to their attention.

Recap of Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13

Betty and Archie discuss Betty not being pregnant in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13. Archie, on the other hand, was completely committed to starting a new life with her. For the time being, they must wait. For the time being, they’ll most likely have to fight the town’s major villain.

Meanwhile, Percival Pickens, the Big Bad himself, is planning to close Riverdale Public Library in order to build a new hotel. As part of this, he goes about town collecting overdue library books from everyone. Pickens decided to take one of their valuable possessions as collateral until they returned the book when they failed to return it.

Percival’s move to retrieve these volumes had to have a reason, Jughead reasoned. It everything comes to pass eventually. Percival’s objective is to convert these possessions into totems and use them against Riverdale’s heroes. Soon, each of them is confronted with a horrible past that is brought to life in front of them. Veronica is confronted by spiders while Archie meets his dead music teacher. Betty begins to recall her father wiping blood as a child. Jughead notices that his hands are bleeding. Worst of all, Cheryl begins to hear Heather’s voice in her own home.

Cheryl believes that finding the missing books is the only way to stop him. Return the confiscated objects and end the curse. If they fail to accomplish so, the heroes may be forced to confront their demons. Jughead eventually locates everyone’s book at a Pennsylvania bookstore named Barney’s Book Barn.The crew can now retrieve their belongings, but they must first complete a ceremony. Except for Veronica, everyone decided to recover their belongings. Even Jughead changes his mind at the last minute. Despite everything, Percival managed to persuade Kevin to join his side. Furthermore, Reggie, who unexpectedly shows up at his shop and ends up joining him

Review of Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13

Despite leaving it all behind, Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 screams out loud that the show finds a way to blend in horror. The dreams were quite effective in clearing up prior stories and developing our personalities. We ended up learning more about them and how they plan to combat them, despite the fact that they are far beyond that experience. The dreams did, however, bring back some unforgettable storylines, such as Archie and his music teacher. Apart from that, the episode serves as a filler for the majority of the time. Especially since our primary characters suffered no major injuries.

The only significant lesson from the episode was that Percival is no longer alone in his battle with Riverdale’s Justice League. Reggie and Kevin, two new recruits who have personal grievances against some of the key characters, accompany him on his quest.

Finally, Veronica is one of the few who has yet to receive any kind of power. Still, we admire her willingness to let Percival take her father’s painting. This simply meant that he could cast as many spells as he wanted on her, but she was confident enough to resist them. We’re wondering if she’ll be the next target, making her the first in line for superpowers.

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