Bodycam footage of Ezra Miller’s arrest in Hawaii has surfaced online.

The Flash star Ezra Miller says the film of their assault will be used for “NFT crypto art” in police tape from his arrest in Hawaii.

More details of The Flash star Ezra Miller’s arrest in Hawaii have been revealed thanks to police bodycam footage.

According to TMZ, the footage opens with one of the arresting officers speaking with two people, one of whom claims Miller spat in his face for no apparent reason. The video then switches to Miller eluding police while claiming that they were “assaulted” by patrons of a nearby bar. “This bar assaulted me twice in a row. When I’m assaulted for NFT crypto art, I record myself “Miller stated. The DC Extended Universe star then becomes upset and demands the name and badge number of the responding officers.

The Ezra Miller Flash Movie Prequel Series Is Postponed, Not Cancelled

One of the bar’s clients “identified himself as a Nazi, I got it on film, and he attacked me,” Miller said afterwards. The video ends with police officers searching Miller’s person and allegedly taking a Flash-themed ring.

In early 2022, Miller made waves when they were detained for disorderly behaviour and harassment. According to a complaint filed by the Hawaii Police Department, the actor was arrested while visiting a neighbourhood pub “grabbed a microphone from a 23-year-old lady who was singing karaoke (disorderly conduct violation) and then lunged at a 32-year-old guy who was playing darts (harassment offense). Miller was repeatedly advised to calm down by the pub owner, but he refused.” They were later released after posting bail of $500 USD. A temporary restraining order was issued against the actor, however it was later dropped in the following weeks.

While filming The Flash, Ezra Miller reportedly had “frequent meltdowns.”

Miller was arrested again for second-degree assault less than a month after this incident. Police responded to a report that the Hollywood actor had thrown a chair at a 26-year-old woman during a private residence event over an alleged quarrel. While Miller was soon released, Hawaii Police Assistant Chief Kenneth Quiocho stated the local police department had received about ten reports about his behaviour.

While Miller’s future in the DCEU is said to be unaffected by these two instances, he has had numerous run-ins with the law. A video showing Miller throttling a supporter went viral in 2020. While the exact cause of the confrontational encounter is uncertain, eyewitness sources claim Miller became enraged with a group of too enthusiastic admirers.

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