The CW has ordered a ‘Supernatural’ prequel series called ‘The Winchesters.’

Fans of Supernatural, rejoice! The Winchesters, a prequel series to the long-gone programme, has been given a series order. While everyone’s favourite demon slaying bros won’t be back on our screens (for the time being), we’ll at least be hearing the wonderful vocal stylings of Jensen Ackles, who will also serve as an executive producer, in the position of the narrator.

Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles, will take us on a journey through his and Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) parents’ love story. The Winchesters begins with Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), the family’s matriarch, a 19-year-old butt-kicking demon-slayer, coming to grips with the death of someone important to her. Mary, who had planned to take a break from the business, is dragged back into it when her father goes missing (sound familiar?).

Meanwhile, a youthful and self-assured John Winchester (Drake Rodger) has just returned from a difficult tour of duty in Vietnam. While trying to unravel his father’s background, he’ll come upon some difficult-to-accept realities surrounding his family (sound familiar?!) that will bring him to Mary.

Demetria McKinney, Nida Khurshi, Jojo Fleites, and Biance Kajlich will join Rodger and Donnelly in the series. Robbie Thompson, who wrote for Supernatural, will also serve as an executive producer on The Winchesters, with Jensen Ackles, Daneel Ackles, and Glen Winter, who directed the pilot. Daneel Ackles recently turned to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo and announce the pilot’s completion.

The fascinating image shows two individuals, possibly Mary and John, travelling through a dark cemetery hand in hand. Now that the series has been picked up, we may expect a flood of new photographs to hit the internet.

With the success of Supernatural’s 15-season run, which ended in 2020, it should come as no surprise that the show is returning in a new format. Although rumours of a comeback have circulated the internet for the previous few years, none of them have materialised until today. With the show’s cult following and fame, fans will be thrilled to learn about the love tale that gave birth to the brothers combo. There’s no escape the Winchester train, and we can’t wait for it to arrive at the station with Season 1 of The Winchesters. Stay back to Collider for more details on the impending prequel production.

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